Handmade Baby Shower Game Measure Mummy’s Tummy


I love Baby Showers – a celebration of a beautiful new life and such an exciting time.  Our Handmade Baby Shower Games are good, clean fun that will help you inject a lot of laughter into your special event.

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Need games for your Baby Shower?  We have a whole range of fun baby shower games that will inspire lots of giggles during the party.


Measure Mummy’s Tummy

You need one packet for each guest and some scissors

Each guest guesses the girth of the New Mummy’s Baby Tummy, closest one wins.

To prep you just need to measure the Tummy and note it down or a really fun thing to do is to tape down string, ribbon etc onto a table or a pole and have people measure their own strings – so much easier!!

Handmade Baby Shower Game


Each package contains instructions and some string and they are individually wrapped so you can even pop them in a basket or put them in a games bag for each guest.

They come in packs of 10 in Pink, Blue or Yellow


Postage is available via Australia Post, Standard post is $6, Express is $12.


Blue, Pink, Yellow